Day 3, favorite mother daughter relationship: Chloe and Christi

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Audio Swap

Come To The Cabaret —-> Big Spender


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Twenty years from now, I am going to look back and remember that you were that one person who I could turn to, to make every frown a smile. That person who lifted my head when I was losing confidence in myself. That one person who knew who I really was and that one person that made the biggest difference in my life… you are my best friend.

The original trio.

The band fun.


A nerdy guitar player who is the biggest supporter of LGBTQ rights and looks adorable no matter what.

A shy, baby like man who only talks when he’s talked to but when he does talk, it blows your mind.

The 7 year old who is trapped in a 32 year old body and will never be able to get out no matter how hard he tries.